Function Enterprises 

The leader in the roofing industry.


To keep your building in top shape - from the footers to the rooftop, Function Enterprises can solve your water intrusion problems. Function Enterprises has completed many notable projects in the Washington Metropolitan Area - including Union Station as pictured to the right. Check out our Client and Partner list to see a glimpse of what we are all about. Don't accept the "2 year" tail light warranty offered by many roofing companies. Function stands behind their work and offers a 5 Year comprehensive warranty and 20 year manufacturer guarantees.

We are driven to ensure the safety and perfection expected for your project

every time.

What our customers say:


"Having started in the roofing industry 40 years ago as a laborer working through the ranks, I understand how difficult it is to be a successful roofing contractor. I moved to the consulting side of the industry in 1982. Therefore, I have seen many types of roofing projects on a National and International level. In the past 40 years and through thousands of projects that I have been personally involved we have been challenged with regard to logistics, weather conditions, interior protections, complex roof assemblies and having to produce a “Safety Plan” to accommodate the roof work.


The most recent projects with RCS and Function Enterprises, Inc. included multi-story facilities that required roof removal and replacement for two electrical distribution facilities. These projects presented significant challenges with regards to logistics and “Safety” in both instances. Function Enterprises, Inc. has provided quality installations that have received Twenty Year Warranties and upon completion of these projects Function Enterprises, Inc. has been recognized by the Owner’s Safety Departments without a single violation.


From the planning and logistics, implementation of a comprehensive Safety Plan, daily roof removal and replacement, to the final inspections, the personnel at Function Enterprises, Inc. has performed exemplary. It is readily apparent that the entire staff has “Team Goals” to ensure a “Safe” work environment and to provide the Owner with a Quality Leak Free Installation. To accomplish what this contractor has obtained takes Total Commitment, Continual Training and Company Focus!


Rest assured that when you employ the services of Function Enterprises, Inc. you have obtained a roofing contractor who will provide the right system for the facility, a quality installation and a Safe environment while performing the work. My sincere compliments are herein offered to the entire staff for remaining professional craftsmen, quality conscious, providing a safe environment for not only for their personnel but also the Owner’s personnel during construction. Additionally, Function Enterprises, Inc. constantly remains Owner conscious with regards to monetary concerns – Quality Roofing at a Fair Price!"


If anyone desires to contact me personally to discuss the merits of Function Enterprises, Inc. please do so at 800-637-7109


– Jim Talley, Principal, Roof Consulting Services, Inc.